LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

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Works with Alexa (Alexa device sold separately), Apple HomeKit and the Google Assistant for voice control; Beam Angle: 250 degrees .Easy set up. LIFX screws in like any traditional light bulb. Simply download the app, connect to Wi-Fi and you’re ready to go. No hub needed

3 reviews for LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

  1. Suzanne Hampton (verified owner)


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  2. Carla Little (verified owner)

    The best bang for your buck. Thin, lightweight, fast. BUY THIS!

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  3. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    I should start by disclosing I already owned 2 LIFX Color 1000 bulbs prior to purchasing this.

    I was a little concerned that 800 lumens wouldn’t be very bright, especially in a “fogged” acrylic lamp, but the reality was it performs beautifully. This light connected faster than the LIFX Color 1000s I own and was on my network in less than 5 minutes (plus firmware updates). First time buyers may have a longer setup time since you need to install the app and create an account, etc.

    Since this is a full color, dimmable bulb, parents out there probably recognize that light hurts when you have to get up 4+ times in the night to comfort/feed your newborn. My wife and I have this set to a deep red at about 20-25% brightness and it makes it easy to see at night while moving around the room without destroying our eyes. This requires a smartphone to change the light on the fly, otherwise you could toggle it on a light switch after setting it and it will remember what it was set to last (so you don’t have to burn your eyes looking at your smartphone!).

    If you want to toggle from your phone, I highly recommend snagging the Twilight (Android specific?) app. It’s a blue light filter for your smartphone and it takes a lot of inspiration from f.lux (desktop blue light filter).

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.